Defend Pr. Muhammad (pbuh) Now!

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Assalamu alykom

This site is dedicated to defend prophet Muhammad after the terrible attacks on him in the Danish and Norwegian newspaper and magazine (Jyllands-Posten & Magzinet respectively). Full story

This site is for helping our fellow Muslims who want to express their anger and objection to the Danish and Norwegian embassies and consulates in the world. And to the Danish newspaper & the Norwegian magazine too.


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Prophet Muhammad



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In Defend Now:

You will find 5 types of letters:

1. A letter directed to the Danish embassies and consulates in Danish Embassies

2. A letter directed to the Norwegian embassies and consulates Norwegian Embassies

3. A letter directed to the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in Danish Newspaper 

4. A letter directed to the Norwegian magazine Magazinet in Norwegian Magazine

5. A letter directed to the Islamic Ambassadors in Denmark and Norway in Islamic Ambassadors


How to defend our beloved Prophet Muhammad (salla Allau aleyhi wa sallam)?

In 2 ways:


1) Copy and paste the letters directed to the  Danish Embassies Norwegian Embassies Danish Newspaper and Norwegian Magazine.

2) Send the letters in email (emails provided in evey page). Or Send them through snail mail or fax. Or you can phone the embassies. (All this in Contact)

3) Spread the site in forums, messengers, emails, sms, ...etc. Use the banners.

4) If you know another language other than English, translate the letters and send them in the language of the country in which the embassy is located, such as: a French letter to embassies in Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, ...etc. You can use the translator below. (But you should have a good command of the language because the translator is not so accurate)


Defend him by:

1. Studying his sunnah, biography, morals, behavior, teachings,...etc.

2. Applying his teachings on yourself, following his sunnah, and taking him as an example in your life.

3. Teach others his biography and sunnah, to your kids, relatives, friends, ...etc.

4. Spread his words and hadiths among Muslims and non-Muslims, to let them know about his reality. You can use the Links.

To know the Danish products to boycott click the button above
To send a letter in Arabic, please click the button below

Here you can translate the letters from English to French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japaness, Korean, and Chinese.

You can contact me for suggestions, comments, ...etc.